Many people like BOTOX, but that is not the only option for our patients, here at Rock Creek Wellness. Because we believe in offering services that truly enhance your wellbeing, we also give our patients the option of Xeomin®.

How It Works

If you suffer from moderate to severe frown lines between your brows then you may be the perfect candidate to try Xeomin. *Approved by the FDA, Rock Creek Wellness may be able to help reduce the visual appearance of cervical dystonia, by blocking the nerve activity that causes lines in your face in undesirable places.

*As a safe and effective procedure, our goal is to give all of our patients at Rock Creek Wellness an easy solution to enhance and improve the signs and symptoms of aging.

*Individual results may vary.

Is it BOTOX®?

Although both are cosmetic procedures, they do differ; it’s important to know what one may be the better choice for your desired results. Unlike BOTOX, Xeomin does not have to be refrigerated, making it simple to inject. *Xeomin also contains no additives, meaning our patients are at less of a risk to develop antibodies against the injection obtaining a more favorable result in a short period of time.

*Results of Xeomin can last three to six months, but should not be interchanged with other botulinum procedures.

Our age management medical consultations are meant to help you make the right decision and guide you toward procedures that truly work for the results you desire. To schedule your consultation about Xeomin, contact us today.

*Individual results may vary.