Advanced screening for bone density and body fat mass.

Gain a greater understanding of your bone health and overall body composition!

DXA scanning is the go-to assessment for bone density and body composition analysis. *This state-of-the-art imaging tool can provide you with an advanced look at your bone health and overall body composition to help you identify risk factors and areas to focus on for stronger bones, muscle building, or weight loss.

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  • Bone density scanning: $99
  • Total body composition analysis: $75
  • Both: $150

*Bone density scanning assesses your bone mineral content and bone mineral density, allowing you to take steps to reduce your risk of fracture, arthritis and other painful and debilitating ailments.

Total body composition analysis provides you with a greater understanding of your body fat mass and body muscle mass. *This tool is ideal for providing athletes with a picture of their overall body muscle mass, or for helping weight-loss patients understand what type of weight they are carrying or losing.

*Individual results may vary.

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