We often hear that if cancer had been caught sooner, there may have been more effective treatment options that were not so extreme. At Rock Creek Wellness we offer cancer screening for this very reason. By being able to detect 25 different kinds of cancer, we hope to make your diagnosis straightforward and efficient.

Diagnose early and pinpoint the origin

*With a single blood test, we may be able to confirm your cancer origin, confirm biopsy results, detect high-risk populations, and even provide effective post-treatment options. *This non-invasive option for cancer screen is a wonderful choice for many of our patients.

*If your blood test comes back with a positive cancer presence, it’s likely that we’ll be able to pinpoint the malignant cells that have been affected, seeing what tissues are cancerous and where the disease originates. *Because this blood test identifies ENOX2 proteins in your blood, we may be able to significantly reduce the chances of false results, giving you feedback you can trust immediately.

Whether you have bladder cancer or melanoma, our belief is that with the right diagnosis you are more ready to get the immediate treatment you need.

Being diagnosed with cancer is scary, but with Rock Creek Wellness you are never alone. *With our certified physicians working with you, together you can get the proper treatment you need and fight back.

The sooner we can diagnose your cancer, the more options you have. Contact us today to schedule your cancer screen test at Rock Creek Wellness. We are on your side and want to give you the best chance possible.

The ONCOblot® Test

Our blood test at Rock Creek Wellness is referred to as the ONCOblot Test and can confirm the presence of cancer and its origin through specific proteins collected.

This non-invasive blood test is a wonderful option for patients with an abnormal mammogram, high PSA, or suspicious scans and biopsies. It can also be used in conjunction with recurrence monitoring, targeting high-risk populations, and even post-cancer treatments.

With this simple blood test, doctors can identify if malignant cells are present through one specific protein. When your blood is drawn, your doctor will take a look to see if they see ENOX2 proteins, which only show up when cancer is present. Even in its early development, malignant cells will produce ENOX2 proteins. *Not only will these proteins identify the presence cancer, but they also help to reveal the origin of malignant cells, helping your doctor identify the target area of concern.

With over 25 different cancers in the database, the ONCOblot Test not allows doctors to detect early signs of cancer and helps to narrow down where it originates so they begin a treatment plan specific to you.

By offering cancer screening, we hope to relieve some of your anxiety and offer you the support you need through any diagnosis. The sooner that we can diagnose what your illness is, the sooner treatment can begin, giving you more opportunity to win this battle. When you come to Rock Creek Wellness, our goal is to ensure you always feel at home. You care is our greatest concern, and we believe in proving you with the tests that allow immediate and specific treatment. To find out more about the ONCOblot Test, contact us today.

*Individual results may vary.