As you age, wrinkles can become quite frustrating — especially if you feel they are unsightly and a constant reminder of growing older. Thankfully, new technologies and products can help us reverse the aging process and treat wrinkles so they become less noticeable, or completely invisible.


Artefill is an injectable wrinkle filler that provides natural, long-lasting results for correcting wrinkles. Artefill contains a series of tiny unique microspheres that support and remain permanently in the skin for a lasting effect.

Many other fillers contain different types of microspheres that are eventually absorbed by the body and wear off, resulting in the return of wrinkles. In some cases, the effects of Artefill can hold for up to 7 years, which is a major benefit over other types of fillers that wear off within several weeks.

Artefill is administered using a very small needle, and often takes no longer than 45 minutes. Celebrities and other patients who have used Artefill have said that the short recovery time is another major benefit to the filler. After treatment, you can return to your normal routine as soon as you leave the clinic and feel younger, fresher, and wrinkle-free.


Botox is an injectable treatment that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Botox works best on dynamic wrinkles, or wrinkles that haven’t quite set permanently in the face. Botox works by relaxing certain muscles in your face that can lead to wrinkles, such as those around the brow area.

A Botox treatment will usually take up to 15 minutes, and involves a series of small injections made directly into the muscles on your face. Botox treatments generally last for about 3 or 4 months and have obvious results that appear fully within a few days after treatment.

Due to its muscle-relaxing effects, Botox has also been known to reduce arthritis pain, the twitching of the eyelids, and migraines, and can even inhibit the production of sweat.

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