As people start to age, they can begin to experience health problems generally associated with the aging process, such as balding or graying hair, arthritis, heart disease, cognitive decline, and more. Many people will say that these health conditions are inevitable due to genetics, and some will even blame the state of their health completely on the genes they inherited.

However, what most people don’t know is that genetics play just a small role in the outcome of aging and your overall health. Although your gene system is developed in the womb, it’s how you take care of yourself throughout the course of your life that impacts the behavior of your genes. For example, although you may be at higher risk for heart disease due to family history, you can lower your risk for heart problems if you eat a diet high in nutrients and vitamins, which can lead to improved heart health.

The role of telomeres in aging

The telomeres in your body function much in the same way as the rest of your genes. Telomeres are the caps on the ends of your chromosomes that play a vital role in how your body ages. When you are young, telomeres are generally long, but as you age and become older, your telomeres become gradually shorter. When you fail to maintain good nutrition throughout your life, your telomeres can grow even shorter at a faster pace. That’s why diet and nutrition play such an important role in health and the aging process.

A number of studies have examined how multivitamins and supplementation can affect the length of telomeres in both men and women. In one study involving 586 women, those who took multivitamins on a daily basis had 5% longer telomeres than women who didn’t take vitamins. In another study, men with the highest folic acid intake generally had longer telomeres than men with lower amounts of folic acid in their system.

Lengthen telomeres through nutrition

From a scientific standpoint, telomeres require an adequate amount of methylation to stay healthy. To support methylation of telomeres, your body requires sufficient intake of vitamins B12, B6, and folic acid. Experts recommend that people also consume foods high in protein to ensure good telomeres health, such as eggs, cottage cheese, chicken, legumes, seeds, and nuts.

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