Medical researchers are beginning to find connections between the deterioration of telomeres and stress, and believe that stress management can lead to healthier and slowed aging, as well as an overall better quality of life. If those who frequently experience stress take steps to bring their anxiety and mental health under control, they may be able to prolong the life of the telomeres in their body.

Telomeres are the pieces on the ends of chromosomes responsible for preventing the chromosomes from deteriorating. When cells divide and multiply, telomeres become shorter as a result, which many scientists speculate is one of the leading causes of aging from a physiological standpoint.

Furthermore, stress can lead to premature shortening of telomeres, which in turn, can lead to more rapid aging and a flurry of health complications associated with aging. To test and examine the link between stress and telomere deterioration, researchers from the University of California, Irvine provided stress counseling to a group of female subjects who suffered from cervical cancer. They found that stress counseling not only halted the shortening of telomeres in the cervical cancer patients, but caused the telomeres to grow longer, resulting in healthier aging.

Separate studies have shown that people over the age of 60 who have longer telomeres generally have stronger immune systems and better heart health than those of the same age with shorter telomeres.

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