Reality TV star Jacqueline Laurita from the original cast of the Real Housewives of New Jersey is now using Artefill injectable wrinkle filler to smooth out and correct wrinkle lines in her face. A former Botox user, Jacqueline says that Artefill makes her look even more natural and amazing than other fillers, and lasts twice as long.

Artefill is different from other injectable fillers in that it contains lasting microspheres that provide immediate results for wrinkle correction. Compared to temporary fillers that require frequent visits to the clinic every 3 to 6 months, Jacqueline notes that Artefill requires fewer visits to the clinic, and that its instant results allow her to enjoy regular activities immediately following her appointment.

Artefill generally results in little to no bruising and swelling after appointments, and is relatively painless compared to other injectable fillers. After her appointments, Jacqueline states that she looks completely natural, feels refreshed, and nobody ever notices that she has just received an Artefill treatment.

In the hours and days following her Artefill treatments, Jacqueline uses the Artefill day and night cream serums to complement her skin’s healing phase. The serums contain special properties that allow for the skin to heal naturally, resulting in faster turnover and healthy skin that glows throughout the day. The day cream provided by Artefill also has built-in sunscreen to protect the skin from sun damage and other aging effects.

Rock Creek Wellness Center currently offers Artefill injectable wrinkle filler for just $895 per syringe. Contact us today to learn more about Artefill and our other age-management products and services.