Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been used for many years to replace natural hormones such as estrogen that are absent in women who experience menopause and related symptoms. Traditionally, women are prescribed synthetic hormones, which contain hormones derived from horses and are generally incompatible with the human body.

However, a new form of HRT is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, which contains naturally occurring hormones from the human body. When combined with healthy living habits, bioidentical hormones can effectively treat uncomfortable symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes.

Hot flashes are generally caused by hormone imbalances, and are experienced by more than two-thirds of all menopausal women and nearly all women who have had a hysterectomy.

Women with hormone imbalances will most likely experience hot flashes at some point in their lives, but can prevent or relieve hot flashes by practicing these common healthy lifestyle habits:

1. Prevent and effectively handle stress

Stress can impact hormones significantly, and hot flashes can occur as soon as a stressful situation presents itself. Take care to prepare yourself for potentially stressful situations, and be ready to meditate, practice deep breathing, or perform another relaxation technique to prevent stress from happening or growing worse.

2. Eat a healthy, balanced diet

Spicy foods, alcohol, and caffeine are all known to trigger hot flashes, so keep these foods to a minimum in your diet. Eat plenty of whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, and legumes, and drink plenty of fresh water to keep your system clean. Caffeine can also be found in sodas and chocolate, so be sure to limit your intake on these items as well.

3. Spend time in a cool, comfortable environment

Expose yourself to clean, fresh air as much as possible and wear cool, comfortable clothing. Stuffy, warm rooms and environments can trigger hot flashes, as well as wearing tight, restricting clothing.

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