As the Western culture and many other regions of the world strive to maintain their bodies and minds to prevent aging through cosmetics, Botox injections, and plastic surgeries, scientists are beginning to make discoveries about the effects telomeres have on aging. Telomeres are caps on the ends of chromosomes that can accelerate aging when they deteriorate and become frayed.

In young people, telomeres are generally longer, stronger, and overall healthier. But as people age and become older, the state of their health can cause telomeres to deteriorate and speed up the aging process, contributing to memory loss, hearing loss, and gray hair or hair loss.

Scientists have been examining the effects of telomeres on aging by conducting a series of studies on test mice. In an effort to repair telomeres on aging test mice, scientists administered an enzyme called telomerase. The telomerase was able to reverse aging by repairing muscle tone and agility, and causing fur on mice to grow back at a healthy, brown color where it was once gray and balding.

Additionally, scientists note that the most significant impact of telomerase on mice was the increase in brain size and the reversal of dementia and cognitive decline.

Since this discovery has been made public, a number of wellness companies have dedicated time to researching and developing products aimed at lengthening and repairing damaged telomeres. So far, those who have been using such products are seeing improvements with their skin and overall health.

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