A groundbreaking new study shows that those who generally have positive attitudes about life, especially in regards to becoming older, can extend their lives and improve their overall health. In the United States, many people associate growing older with becoming ill and disabled, which in turn, has a negative impact on their physical and mental health and accelerates the aging process.

The study was conducted by researchers at Yale University and published in a recent issue of theJournal of Personality and Social Psychology. For the study, 660 adults above the age of 50 were surveyed about their attitudes in regards to aging and becoming older. It was found that those with positive attitudes about aging generally lived about 7 years longer than those who had negative attitudes about aging.

Furthermore, attitude appeared to play a more prominent role in health and aging than other negative risk factors such as smoking, lack of exercise, and the feeling of loneliness.

Scientists speculate that a combination of stress and exposure to negative stereotypes about aging contribute considerably to cardiovascular events and the aging process in general. However, those who take steps to educate themselves on the risk factors behind health decline and learn how to make themselves healthier and prevent illnesses can lengthen their lifespans significantly.

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